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OpenShift container platform

operation of OpenShift

Binero offers a managed container solution from our own eco-labelled data center in Sweden, where we guarantee security-classed data storage and availability 24/7.

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  • proven software choices
  • integrated support for CI/CD for modern application operation
  • support for automation application management via Operators

OpenShift is offered as a service (PaaS), which is a unified application platform for interacting with the entire organization's container-based development and operations. OpenShift also manages and integrates with all parts of a data infrastructure, a so-called "Single Pane of Glass".

OpenShift is a Kubernetes distribution focused on the developer experience and application security. Red Hat contributes a significant part of the development of the Kubernetes project and several features found in Kubernetes have their origins in OpenShift.

OpenShift vs Kubernetes

OpenShift is a unified platform, unlike Kubernetes. Simply put, OpenShift refines Kubernetes. The platform is vendor-agnostic and distinguishes itself by maintaining a high security profile by "locking down" Kubernetes and integrating a range of extended components.

To achieve this, OpenShift uses the extensive Red Hat open-source technology ecosystem, which includes operating systems, authentication, storage, networking, development tools, base container images, and many other components. It's about "auditing," which provides a chronological set of changes that have affected the system's users or other components in the system. The ability to configure the audit policy also comes as a built-in part.

Learn more about OpenShift's security and compliance.

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OpenShift makes complexity visible

As organizations grow with new environments and clusters, it's important that companies have access to the holistic perspective of the entire business.

OpenShift Container Platform Plus (OCP Plus) offers, among other things, Advanced Cluster Management, which provides a view of all clusters and enables, for example, upgrades of several environments at the same time, analysis of components and several other functions.

Read more about Advanced Cluster Management.

In OCP Plus, it's also possible to get an overview of security through Advanced Cluster Security, which vulnerability scans applications and provides a unified view of risks and compliance, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Read more about the security perspective.

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