OpenShift container platform

operation of OpenShift

Binero offers a managed container solution from our own eco-labelled data center in Sweden, where we guarantee security-classed data storage and availability 24/7.

Striking image in red and light yellow, resembling billowing fabric. Effektfull bild i rött och ljusgult, liknar böljande tyg.
  • proven software choices
  • integrated support for CI/CD for modern application operation
  • support for automation application management via Operators
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save time through self-service

OpenShift is primarily value-adding for application developers and administrators.

Success factors:

  • Proven and reviewed software choices
  • Integrated support for CI/CD for modern application operations
  • Support for automation application management via Operator

OpenShift offers a web console for self-service. In it, developers can intuitively create, modify, scale and deploy applications on demand, enabling a faster Software Development Life Cycle (SDCL).

OpenShift creates the conditions for agile working methods

The OpenShift platform is designed to support agile methods, freeing up valuable time that can be used for other activities, such as product development. Instead of deploying to production on a weekly or monthly basis, OpenShift allows for daily deployments, providing a significant advantage as speed and time-to-market are often critical factors in the development and launch of new products.

OpenShift enables developers to test their changes at a faster pace and across multiple environments simultaneously, reducing the gap between the developer and the administrator as both work with the same cluster resources. This approach enables the organization to be more responsive to customer needs and make agile changes quickly in response to changing requirements.

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Picture of motherboard. Bild på moderkort.

advantages of OpenShift's

Three user interfaces:

  • api: identical to k8s: entering, or leaving ocp does not incur any additional cost
  • cli : refined kubectl : oc
  • gui: web console: completely unique real-time visualized graphical presentation


  • hardened operating systems on the nodes
  • hardened container image streams
  • security Context Constraints (SCC)
  • processes cannot, for example, be executed as superuser (root

Other advantages:

  • Operator Hub (App Store/Play Store)
  • Easy installation of enterprise software
  • Certified "operators"

OpenShift is for all industries

OpenShift is used in all industries and by many different companies and organizations. Here are some examples of successful customer cases found in the industries: Telecom, IT, Post, Banking & Finance, Insurance, Transport, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Government and Education.

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