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high-performance Swedish cloud services for sustainable digitization

Binero is a growth company listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market. We enable sustainable digital development for companies and organizations with qualified needs within cloud services and IT infrastructure.

complete cloud solution with managed Kubernetes platform

Building applications in containers is becoming increasingly common. Containerized solutions, primarily Kubernetes, are used to automate the operation of applications and make them secure, scalable, and easy to manage. Through collaborations with value-adding technology partners, Binero provides a complete cloud solution to customers with qualified Kubernetes needs.

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on the agenda: sustainable digital development

The pace of digitization has meant that more and more people are turning to cloud services to bring home values such as flexibility, innovative power and speed to market.

The expansion of data centers is happening at a rapid pace and by 2030, the IT sector is estimated to account for nearly one-fifth of the world's total energy consumption. The world's data centers already have a climate impact on par with the entire global aviation industry. Yet, it is not industry standard to demand sustainable production when companies procure cloud services and IT infrastructure.

fossil-free and climate-neutral data.

Here at Binero, we have actively taken a position for sustainable digital development, including through the construction and operation of one of the world's most climate-smart data centers. In July 2020, our facility north of Stockholm became the world's first data center to receive the international environmental certification 'Fossil Free Data Center'. The certification means that we meet strict requirements for energy efficiency, low carbon dioxide emissions, and the use of 100 percent renewable electricity.

slutet ekosystem där miljön främjas
Picture of motherboard that is located in our datacenter

security and data integrity in the cloud

Our belief is that digitalization enriches society. The digital services and capacity created are themselves what is needed to help us solve society's major challenges, including the climate issue. But then it is important that we as an industry take responsibility for producing and delivering services that are truly sustainable and future-proof. For us at Binero, this is something that permeates everything we do.

There are, in fact, more sustainability benefits beyond the climate, for both individuals and society, that our customers and partners benefit from. As a cloud service provider based in Europe, we can assure our customers of privacy and data protection under European law and GDPR. We produce our services in our own data center, with full focus on both physical and digital security, which gives us control over the entire chain. By choosing a Swedish cloud platform, you also support an emerging new Swedish basic industry, which is important for Sweden's digital sovereignty.

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