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our cloud is not like any other,
it is Swedish, safe and sustainable

At Binero, we actively work to counter rising energy consumption and increasing emissions - and instead contribute with climate-smart solutions.

binero takes the lead for sustainable digitization

Everything from mobile phones to streaming services and giant data centers have a significant, and rapidly increasing, impact on the environment. At Binero, we have been working for many years with a strong focus on sustainability for the planet, people, and society.

förnyelsebar energi

data centers consume large amounts of energy

As we use the internet more and more, and as more devices are connected to the internet, more energy is required to power a connected world. The growth of digitization and the significantly increased use of the internet - not least the recent explosion of cloud services and media streaming - has led to the number of data centers in the world increasing from just over half a million in 2012 to almost nine million today.

This also means that the data center industry is consuming more and more of the world's energy – a single data center can draw more electricity than a medium-sized city, and by 2023 China's data centers alone are predicted to consume more energy than the whole of Australia. By the time we reach 2030, the IT sector as a whole is estimated to consume a fifth of the world's energy. In several regions of the world, the establishment of data centers is at a halt due to the fact that the power grids simply cannot guarantee the power supply. After Amazon opened its data centers in Mälardalen, the region's power companies realized that they were consuming so much energy that it was causing a capacity shortage in the electricity grid – which meant that companies wanting to set up in the region could not be guaranteed sufficient power supply.

The energy aspect is, therefore, a very critical part of the future IT industry. Considering that too many data centers are primarily powered by fossil fuels such as coal, this is an unsustainable development from an environmental perspective.

our cloud is not like any other

At Binero, we actively work to counteract increasing energy consumption and rising emissions - and instead contribute with climate-smart solutions.

In 2020, Binero became the world's first company to achieve the global certification Fossil Free Data Center. This was thanks to a unique and well thought-out environmental strategy where all solutions in the data center are developed with both climate, performance, and security in mind.

We are already environmentally certified according to ISO 14001 for our environmental management work.

skog och moln

we reduce your climate footprint

New technology contributes greatly to resource efficiency. Digitization has contributed to the fact that data can be stored in a much more compressed way, which is clearly beneficial for the environment. But unfortunately, the IT industry as a whole has not got it right from the start, looking at how to operate all the equipment that modern services and technology require.

Many data centers still use fossil fuels. By switching to renewable energy – such as solar, wind and hydropower – we solve the biggest problems. But it is just as important to invest in technology development and smart solutions, so that we can capture renewable energy in an efficient way and also reuse energy.

By both reducing our energy consumption and using energy smarter, Binero has taken the lead in sustainable digital infrastructure and platforms. We guarantee our customers and partners 100 percent fossil-free data and market-leading energy recovery. In our data center north of Stockholm, we have found an optimal solution for how we can partly recycle our residual product - in other words heat - and send it out into the district heating network to heat buildings in the municipality, and partly use the cooled water that we get back for to cool the equipment in the data center. There is a year-round need for the heat we create, making us climate-neutral.

We at Binero are very proud to be able to offer our services with as small a climate footprint as possible, and that more and more companies are choosing the green path with us.

slutet ekosystem där miljön främjas

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