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OpenShift container platform

operation of OpenShift

Binero offers a managed container solution from our own eco-labelled data center in Sweden, where we guarantee security-classed data storage and availability 24/7.

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  • proven software choices
  • integrated support for CI/CD for modern application operation
  • support for automation application management via Operators

OpenShift features

OpenShift is a multi-layered system that interacts with each other. The underlying Kubernetes is designed for a microservices-based architecture, i.e., smaller, decoupled units that work together.

Unique OCP features:

Source-to-image (S2I)

S2I adds great value to companies using different development languages because the feature supports many different development ecosystems and streamlines the time required to construct container images.

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image streams

Image Streams is a way to create and update container images continuously. When an image changes, tags can be used to assign new version numbers to keep track of the changes, which in turn reduces lead times. Configuration of development and deployments can monitor an image stream to trigger a new development or distribution.

Read more about OpenShift's handling of image streams.

general features

Templates: Kubernetes offers several different deployment strategies such as: Rolling, Canary and Blue-green. OpenShift facilitates the creation of these through its intuitive interface.

OpenShift-Client: (OC: the default client for OpenShift corresponds to kubectl):
OC facilitates the creation of resources in a cluster such as: Deployment, CronJob, Service, Quota and ConfigMap by providing templates that can be tailored as needed.

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