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Container as a Service

Binero offers Container as a Service (CaaS). We manage your container platform, streamlining the workflow for both your developers and operations staff.

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  • Built on trusted and high-quality software
  • Integrated CI/CD support for modern application operations
  • Support for automated application management
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Container as a Service

CaaS is a managed container platform that simplifies managing your modern applications. Designed for agile methodologies, CaaS frees up valuable time for other business endeavours, like product development.

Our CaaS service includes both IaaS Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service). All data is exclusively stored and managed in Sweden, adhering to Swedish laws and GDPR.

At Binero, we are passionate about openness and flexibility. This is of course reflected in our open source CaaS offering. With applications based on Kubernetes , you can easily move your applications between different IT environments without the lock-in effects from other providers.

We’re ISO 9001, 14001, and 27001 certified, and are also global Fossil Free Data climate certificate.

Streamlining work for both developers and operations

CaaS is constructed and designed for organizations that require Kubernetes in a container platform format. It acts as a unified application platform with a 100% Kubernetes-compatible API, simplifying the workflow for both developers and operations technicians.

Keeping your customers in focus

CaaS by Binero reduces the gap between developers and administrators, as they both utilize the same cluster resources. This lets the organization react to customer feedback, facilitating rapid and agile adjustments in response to your customers' needs.

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CaaS by Binero IT

CaaS is a unified application platform for managing all your container-based development and operations. Caas by Binero includes:

  • Check-ins with operations
  • Capacity planning
  • Upgrades & Updates
  • Swedish support
  • Cluster monitoring
  • Backup and restoration

Contact us to learn how we work with workflow standardization, implementing CI/CD methodologies, as well as support and regular check-ins. Our comprehensive solution lets you focus on your application, while we make sure you have a fully functional and automated infrastructure and container platform.

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When is CaaS the right choice for your organization?

Containerization and Kubernetes let development teams maintain the high tempo required in system development today. It also provides a highly efficient way to maintain, upgrade, and scale applications.

CaaS is a good fit for organizations that:

  • Develop software in-house
  • Need an operational platform for container-based applications
  • Lack the expertise to operate a container platform
  • Want to reduce their application's time-to-market
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Speak to one of our specialists to know more about CaaS, or fill out the form and we will reach out to you.

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