BINERO GROUP AB enters into a cooperation agreement with VOEREIR AB

BINERO GROUP AB (publ) (“Binero”), a Swedish provider of cloud services and digital infrastructure, has entered into a cooperation agreement with VOEREIR AB (“VoerEir”). The collaboration concerns the further development of Binero's public cloud service Binero.Cloud.

Binero signs cooperation agreement with VoerEir to accelerate the development of its public cloud service, Binero.Cloud. VoerEir is a leading provider of automated data centre infrastructure testing.

Binero.Cloud is built on the open source code OpenStack. OpenStack is recognized as the standard software for cloud infrastructure and is widely distributed among the world's cloud service developers. The value-add for Binero's customers is the transparency that open source brings, faster innovation from a vibrant open source community and at a lower total cost.

The next step for Binero's Swedish cloud service is to add functions to offer a leading cloud platform to an expanded range of customers.

The agreement includes the use of VoerEir's automatic test solution for OpenStack, Touchstone. Touchstone enables Binero to optimize release and test procedures and to test the cloud service for the challenging requirements some applications bring.

"The interest in European cloud services as an alternative to the global ones has really picked up after the annulment of the Privacy Shield agreement. During the year, Binero has clarified its strategic focus and is now on a journey to shape the public cloud service of the future with data integrity and expanded services in focus. The collaboration with VoerEir gives us the opportunity to increase the pace of development to offer the market functionality that was previously only available from American suppliers ", says Charlotte Darth, CEO of Binero Group.

“The collaboration with Binero consolidates our strategy to offer Touchstone, originally developed with knowledge and experience from telecom, also to cloud service providers and other industries with business-critical needs. We are very much looking forward to helping Binero to offer a leading public cloud service. ””, says Patric Lind, CEO of VoerEir

For more information, please contact:

Charlotte Darth, CEO Binero Group AB

Patric Lind, CEO VoerEir AB

VoerEir AB offers a fully automated IT solution for testing data centre infrastructure. The solution was originally developed for Telecom Operators with very high demands on reliability, functionality and performance and is also used by other industries with business-critical needs such as cloud service providers smart cities and governments.