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increasing demand for competence in OpenShift and containerised environments

In the ever-evolving landscape of digitalization and cybersecurity, Binero has remained a steadfast champion of open environments and open-source solutions. As the digital business realm continues to advance, the importance of open-source technologies has grown exponentially. Binero, a Red Hat partner since 2003, delivers comprehensive operational services on the OpenShift platform. In addition, we have our own compliant and sustainable cloud service built on open standards.

Red Hat Open Tour Stockholm

Recently, Binero had the privilege of attending the Red Hat Open Tour in Stockholm. This event brought together a diverse audience of customers, partners, and Red Hatters in an open environment. This event served as an opportunity to explore the latest developments in digitalization, cybersecurity, and much more. It is a unique platform for sharing insights and sparking discussions on strategies related to open-source technology.

One topic of discussion we encountered in our booth was the decision-making process concerning vendor relationships. Participants engaged in conversations about the risks of vendor lock-in and how to effectively combine proprietary and open-source software to maximize the benefits of both.

Increased demand for skills within OpenShift

Among the many takeaways from the event, one recurring theme stood out - the increasing demand for competence in OpenShift and containerized environments. This demand is driven by the need to embark on the container journey and make informed decisions about outsourcing operational aspects of container platforms.

Binero recognizes this growing need for expertise in OpenShift and containerization. To address this, we offer tailored OpenShift training programs. These programs are designed to accommodate various competency levels, catering to those who wish to manage container platforms independently, as well as those looking to engage external operational partners.

Whether you are seeking to embark on a container journey internally or require essential knowledge to make informed decisions regarding external operational partnerships, Binero's training programs have got you covered.

Would you and your team benefit from OpenShift training?

Reach out to us and explore how Binero can empower you on your path to mastering OpenShift and containerization. Get in touch with us using the form below.


Example of what a basic course contains

  • Introduction to container, Linux, SSH and YAML
  • Manage containers with podman
  • Projects and namespaces
  • Pods with deployment
  • Deployment
  • Store configuration in the cluster with ConfigMap and Secrets.
  • Storage of data in the cluster
  • Users and permissions in the cluster
  • Keep OpenShift updated

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