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Swedish cloud in eHealth

We at Binero visited Vitalis, the leading Nordic e-health conference, to meet and talk with our customers and partners about  services and container platform operations.

As a provider of Swedish cloud services, it was a fantastic opportunity to engage with companies that deliver to the public sector. Hot topics of discussion included ensuring GDPR compliance, cloud compliance, and how to implement hybrid and multi-cloud strategies in their organisations.

The e-health industry has come a long way, and many understand the importance of choosing a cloud provider with data centers and legal jurisdiction in Sweden.

As a provider of Swedish cloud services, we see it as a shared responsibility to ensure cloud compliance. As a provider, we must offer the right technical capabilities, such as the ability to build applications in containers, but also support and guide our customers regarding the laws and regulations that apply to their industry.

As a hosting/operations partner for Cambio, we also participated in a partner mingle, a pleasant end to a busy day.

Learn more about our Swedish cloud services here.

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