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Gina Tricot is a Swedish fashion chain that offers exciting and feminine fashion to women in over 30 countries. Gina Tricot was founded in 1997 and today Gina Tricot has over 160 stores around Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, as well as e-commerce throughout Europe. Gina Tricot was awarded "Best store chain of the year" and "Webshop Awards", Sweden in 2020-2021 in the women's clothing category.


looking for a competent and experienced operating partner

In 2017, Gina Tricot sought an operating partner for their e-commerce platform who could work together with their e-commerce platform developer. Gina Tricot was also in need of an advisory partner who continuously contributes with recommendations and knowledge to achieve the highest possible efficiency within the entire e-commerce platform. The challenge for Gina Tricot was that it had no internal competence for the e-commerce platform and therefore sought cooperation with a partner with high competence and experience in the field.


cloud and operations expert with overall responsibility

The solution is based on the entire e-commerce platform being developed and operated in the cloud. Binero implemented the solution in the cloud and supplemented it with improvements, among other things, on the security side. In addition to Binero contributing expertise as a cloud expert, since 2019 Binero has overall responsibility for the operation of the platform. Binero has developed a clear framework for Gina Tricot and other third party partners about who is responsible for what. Continuous meetings are conducted regarding improvements, operational problems and upcoming activities that affect the e-commerce platform.

Binero is a safe and skilled operating partner who understands the customer's needs and provides advice and recommendations that contribute to proactivity and efficiency for the entire operation.

Thomas Andreen, CDO at Gina Tricot


new proactive work model

Through close collaboration, Gina Tricot has gained a new working model that works more proactively and predictably than before. The success is based, among other things, on clear key performance indicators such as operating costs, performance and response times, which are now followed up every week. The strength of the continuous follow-up means that Gina Tricot finds out in advance if, for example, response times change and why, and can thus act proactively. For Gina Tricot, this new way of working means valuable insights and higher efficiency for the business, which in turn creates more time and space for better development and operational work.

Two women with fashion clothes from gina tricot. Två kvinnor med modekläder från gina tricot.
Woman with fashion clothes from gina tricot. Kvinna med modekläder från gina tricot.

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