security and compliance in digital letter handling: Billo chooses Binero Cloud

Billo Binero Client for compliant cloud solutions

About Billo

Billo is the first service that can digitize all of your physical post – while also providing your digital post from companies and authorities in the same app. All post in your phone, simple as that!


searched Swedish data center for handling sensitive user data

As Billo processes large amounts of sensitive user data from both authorities and companies, they place great emphasis on continually reinforcing their data protection and ensuring compliance with regulations for personal data management.

After previous challenges in finding a service provider that met compliance requirements, Billo initially sought a partner that could not only offer advanced data management but also secure data centers located and owned within Europe. For Billo, this was crucial to comply with European regulations and protect user data.

Among several considered providers, they eventually got in touch with Binero, who could assist them with sustainable and secure data storage, with data centers located in Sweden


migration to Binero Cloud — data protection, backup and logging

Billo chose to use Binero's public cloud service, Binero Cloud, as all data placed with Binero is exclusively managed in Sweden and is subject to Swedish legislation and GDPR. All customers in Binero Cloud also have access to our support features, including Swedish support and cloud consultants when needed.

Binero Cloud is based on the open-source solution OpenStack and is consumed through a transparent pay-as-you-go model. After a smooth and efficient onboarding, Billo successfully migrated from another cloud service to Binero Cloud

During the collaboration, Billo also had requests and requirements for a compliant redundant relational database solution with a focus on backup, as well as the ability to manage logs from various parts of the system. Binero assisted with tool selection and the setup of backup and logging to meet Billo's needs.

"Binero has impressed with its foresight, anticipating upcoming challenges and offering solutions before problems even arise."

Oussama Bennis, CTO at Billo


a collaboration that sets the standard for data protection

Through close collaboration, Billo was not only able to meet its compliance requirements but also achieve a higher standard in data protection. For Billo, which prioritizes its users' personal data, they can now guarantee a safe and secure service — allowing them the space to focus on the continued development of their service.

Oussama Bennis, CTO of Billo, also highlights Binero's proactive approach, where they have effectively been able to anticipate and address potential challenges before they became visible to Billo. The quick support and regular follow-ups have allowed Billo to identify and manage any deviations, contributing to increased proactivity.

Billo's journey from seeking a suitable partner to successfully establishing secure and reliable data storage is an example of how crucial it is to choose the right service provider that can adapt to specific needs.

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always included in Binero Cloud

  • 1000 SEK to use resources for
  • Swedish support
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Full IaaS-access
  • OpenStack API
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Low latency network

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