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high-performance cloud services for sustainable digitalization

Binero enables sustainable digital development for companies and organizations with qualified needs in various cloud- and IT infrastructure solutions.

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  • environmentally friendly - all excess is reused
  • flexible - adapt to your needs
  • carefree -  focus on your core business

simple, affordable and top performance

Our Swedish cloud service has a main focus on infrastructure (IaaS) - and we are not afraid to compare ourselves to the big international suppliers. At a lower comparison price, our services deliver better in all the performance tests we performed. All new accounts are also topped up with 1,000 SEK to use resources for.

The pricing model is simple. Pricing within each instance type is linear where allocated resources are charged per second. The monthly and hourly rates we list below are approximate and are based on continuous allocation of resources.

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The above provides a quick estimate of the cost of the most common components of a public cloud service. For exact prices see our complete price list below.

Examples of virtual instances

General purpose
Memory optimized
High performance


Rätt val av instans för vanligt förekommande applikationer

Namn Specifikation CPU RAM Kostn./tim Kostn./mån
gp.1x2 1 Core 2GB RAM 1 2 0.218736 SEK 157.49 SEK
gp.2x4 2 Core 4GB RAM 2 4 0.437472 SEK 314.98 SEK
gp.3x63 Core 6GB RAM360.656208 SEK472.47 SEK
gp.4x84 Core 8GB RAM480.874944 SEK629.96 SEK
gp.6x126 Core 12GB RAM6121.312405 SEK944.93 SEK
gp.8x168 Core 16GB RAM8161.749877 SEK1259.91 SEK
gp.12x2412 Core 24GB RAM12242.624815 SEK1889.87 SEK
gp.16x3216 Core 32GB RAM16323.499755 SEK2519.82 SEK
gp.24x4824 Core 48GB RAM24485.249643 SEK3779.74 SEK
gp.4x8-pinned 4 Core 8GB RAM 4 8 1.9249 SEK 1385.92 SEK
gp.8x16-pinned 8 Core 16GB RAM 8 16 3.8497 SEK 2771.78 SEK
gp.16x32-pinned 16 Core 32GB RAM 16 32 7.6996 SEK 5543.71 SEK

minnesoptimerade instanser

Instanser med en hög mängd minne i förhållande till CPU

Namn Specifikation CPU RAM Kostn./tim Kostn./mån
hm.1x4 1 Core 4GB RAM 1 4 0.32084 SEK 231.01 SEK
hm.2x8 2 Core 8GB RAM 2 8 0.64169 SEK 462.02 SEK
hm.3x12 3 Core 12GB RAM 3 12 0.96255 SEK 693.03 SEK
hm.4x16 4 Core 16GB RAM 4 16 1.28339 SEK 924.04 SEK
hm.6x24 6 Core 24GB RAM 6 24 1.92509 SEK 1386.07 SEK
hm.6x32 6 Core 32GB RAM 6 32 2.39180 SEK 1722.09 SEK
hm.8x48 8 Core 48GB RAM 8 48 3.03316 SEK 2183.87 SEK
hm.8x96 8 Core 96GB RAM 8 96 6.30042 SEK 4536.30 SEK
hm.12x64 12 Core 64GB RAM 12 64 4.78359 SEK 3444.18 SEK
hm.12x128 12 Core 128GB RAM 12 128 8.51722 SEK 6132.40 SEK
hm.16x64 16 Core 64GB RAM 16 64 5.13358 SEK 3696.17 SEK
hm.16x128 16 Core 128GB RAM 16 128 8.86721 SEK 6384,.9 SEK
hm.24x64 24 Core 64GB RAM 24 64 5.83355 SEK 4200.15 SEK
hm.24x128 24 Core 128GB RAM 24 128 9.56718 SEK 6888.37 SEK
hm.4x16-pinned 4 Core 16GB RAM 4 16 2.82346 SEK 2032.89 SEK
hm.8x32-pinned 8 Core 32GB RAM 8 32 5.64692 SEK 6888.37 SEK
hm.16x64-pinned 16 Core 64GB RAM 16 64 11.2939 SEK 8131.608 SEK

high performance instanser

Instanser med high performance CPU

Namn Specifikation CPU RAM Kostn./tim Kostn./mån
hp.2x4 2 Core 4GB RAM 2 4 0.52393 SEK 377.23 SEK
hp.2x6 2 Core 6GB RAM 2 6 0.65517 SEK 471.72 SEK
hp.2x8 2 Core 8GB RAM 2 8 0.78641 SEK 566.21 SEK
hp.4x6 4 Core 6GB RAM 4 6 0.91662 SEK 659.97 SEK
hp.4x8 4 Core 8GB RAM 4 8 1.04786 SEK 754.46 SEK
hp.4x16 4 Core 16GB RAM 4 16 1.57281 SEK 1132.42 SEK
hp.6x12 6 Core 12GB RAM 6 12 1.57178 SEK 1131.68 SEK
hp.8x24 8 Core 24GB RAM 8 24 2.62065 SEK 1886.87 SEK
hp.8x32 8 Core 32GB RAM 8 32 3.03316 SEK 2183.87 SEK
hp.8x64 8 Core 64GB RAM 8 64 5.24543 SEK 3776.71 SEK
hp.8x128 8 Core 128GB RAM 8 128 9.44507 SEK 6800.45 SEK
hp.12x32 12 Core 32GB RAM 12 32 3.66851 SEK 2641.33 SEK
hp.12x64 12 Core 64GB RAM 12 64 5.76833 SEK 4153.20 SEK
hp.12x128 12 Core 128GB RAM 12 128 9.96797 SEK 7176.93 SEK

Priserna ovan gäller i regionen "europe-se-1" och tillgänglighetszonen "europe-se-1a" vilket är den primära siten. Instanser i annan tillgänglighetszon debiteras med 10% påslag (endast instanskostnaden) Avstängda instanser debiteras med 20% av listpriset, oavsett region och tillgänglighetszon

Examples of instances with GPU and/or NVMe

High performance with NVMe
High performance with GPU
High performance with GPU & NVMe
hp.4x8-nvme504 Core 8GB RAM481.193692 SEK859.45 SEK
hp.8x24-nvme508 Core 24GB RAM8242.766487 SEK1991.87 SEK
hp.12x64-nvme5012 Core 64GB RAM12645.914608 SEK4258.51 SEK
hp.4x8-nvme2504 Core 8GB RAM481.777020 SEK1279.45 SEK
hp.8x24-nvme2508 Core 24GB RAM8243.349825 SEK2411.87 SEK
hp.12x64-nvme25012 Core 64GB RAM12646.497935 SEK4678.51 SEK
hp.4x8-gpu44 Core 8GB RAM4844.12296 SEK2968.53 SEK
hp.8x24-gpu48 Core 24GB RAM82445.62086 SEK4047.02 SEK
hp.12x64-gpu412 Core 64GB RAM126448.61907 SEK6205.73 SEK
hp.4x8-gpu84 Core 8GB RAM4885.16463 SEK3718.53 SEK
hp.8x24-gpu88 Core 24GB RAM82486.666253 SEK4799.70 SEK
hp.12x64-gpu812 Core 64GB RAM126489.66074 SEK6955.73 SEK
hp.4x8-gpu244 Core 8GB RAM482410.37296 SEK7468.53 SEK
hp.8x24-gpu248 Core 24GB RAM8242411.87086 SEK8547.02 SEK
hp.12x64-gpu2412 Core 64GB RAM12642414.86907 SEK10705.73 SEK
Specifikation CPU RAM GPU Kostn./tim Kostn./mån
hp.4x8-gpu4-nvme50 4 Core 8GB RAM 4 8 4 4.26185 SEK 3068.53 SEK
hp.8x24-gpu4-nvme508 Core 24GB RAM82445.75975 SEK4147.02 SEK
hp.12x64-gpu4-nvme5012 Core 64GB RAM126448.75796 SEK6305.73 SEK
hp.4x8-gpu8-nvme504 Core 8GB RAM4885.30351 SEK3818.53 SEK
hp.8x24-gpu8-nvme508 Core 24GB RAM82486.80142 SEK4897.02 SEK
hp.12x64-gpu8-nvme5012 Core 64GB RAM126489.79963 SEK7055.73 SEK
hp.4x8-gpu24-nvme504 Core 8GB RAM482410.51185 SEK7568.53 SEK
hp.8x24-gpu24-nvme508 Core 24GB RAM8242412.00975 SEK8647.02 SEK
hp.12x64-gpu24-nvme5012 Core 64GB RAM12642415.00796 SEK10805.73 SEK
hp.4x8-gpu4-nvme2504 Core 8GB RAM4844.8174 SEK3468.53 SEK
hp.8x24-gpu4-nvme2508 Core 24GB RAM82446.31531 SEK4547.02 SEK
hp.12x64-gpu4-nvme25012 Core 64GB RAM126449.31351 SEK6705.73 SEK
hp.4x8-gpu8-nvme2504 Core 8GB RAM4885.85907 SEK4218.53 SEK
hp.8x24-gpu8-nvme2508 Core 24GB RAM82487.35697 SEK5297.02 SEK
hp.12x64-gpu8-nvme25012 Core 64GB RAM1264810.35518 SEK7455.73 SEK
hp.4x8-gpu24-nvme2504 Core 8GB RAM482411.0674 SEK7968.53 SEK
hp.8x24-gpu24-nvme2508 Core 24GB RAM8242412.56531 SEK9047.02 SEK
hp.12x64-gpu24-nvme25012 Core 64GB RAM12642415.56351 SEK11205.73 SEK

Storage services

We offer different types of storage services that are suitable for different purposes.

Backup & snapshots
Blockstorage - SSDper GB0.00146 SEK1.05 SEK
Blockstorage - HDDper GB0.0004 SEK0.30 SEK
Typ Enhet Kostn./tim Kostn./mån
Volymsnapshots per GB 0.00146 SEK 1.05 SEK
Volymbackup per GB 0.0004 SEK 0.30 SEK
Namn Lagringstyp Enhet Kostn./tim Kostn./mån
Archive (gp.archive) HDD/Mekanisk per GB 0.00032 SEK 0.23 SEK
Intermittent (gp.intermittent) HDD/Mekanisk per GB 0.00058 SEK 0.42 SEK
Recurring (gp.recurring) HDD/Mekanisk per GB 0.00074 SEK 0.53 SEK
Intensive (hp.intensive) SSD/Flash per GB 0.00145 SEK 1.04 SEK


The resources below are charged and measured in the same way. Currently, it is not possible to automatically provision SQL server, but we refer to our support for help with this.

IPv4per IP-adress0,0278 SEK20 SEK
IPv6per IP-adress0,00 SEK0,00 SEK
Lastbalanserareper st0.1375 SEK99 SEK
Trafikper GB (5000 GB inkluderat)0,00 SEK0.25 SEK
DNS Zon (Standard Anycast)per zon0,0278 SEK20 SEK
SQL server enterpriseper core4,961 SEK3572,50 SEK
SQL server standardper core1,281 SEK922,50 SEK
SQL server webper core0,086 SEK62,50 SEK
Windows 2016per core0,062 SEK45 SEK
Windows 2019per core0,062 SEK45 SEK

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