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Our comprehensive business channel packages offer a variety of entertainment to suit different business needs and interests.

Two colleagues walk past a TV screen showing office news. Två kollegor går förbi en TV-skärm som visar nyheter på kontoret.
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The office, the restaurant, the hotel room, the hospital - all are examples of environments where the TV plays an important role. Together with us, you identify the channel package that best matches your needs.

With us as your TV provider, you get exactly the streaming solutions, channel line-up and licences you need to show TV in public.


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Elderly people in a retirement home with a TV on the wall showing news. Äldre människor på ett äldreboende med en TV på väggen som visar nyheter.
Terminal with escalators, big screen and some people. Terminal med rulltrappor, storbildsskärm och några människor.

What is public viewing?

Public viewing includes all TV viewing outside the private home. This means, for example, offices, lobbies, gyms, care homes, hotels, or restaurants, in which case a so-called viewing right is required, regardless of content. We offer the right licence and tailor-made TV solutions for your business.

In the worst case, showing TV in public or institutional environments without a licence agreement can actually have legal consequences. To ensure you don't violate copyright law, for example, you can call on our experts.


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Our customers in entertainment

Facade image of K7 Hotel in Oslo. Fasadfoto av K7 Hotel i Oslo.

We would like to thank K7 Hotel in Oslo for the confidence you have shown in us by choosing us as a provider of Wi-Fi and our own product TV over internet. It is with pride that we take on the task of offering TV channels over the internet and first-class Wi-Fi.

A young and an old hand holding each other. En ung och en gammal hand håller varandra.

We would like to thank Attendo Hemtjänst Gävle for choosing us as your channel distributor. We can assure you that you now have the most comprehensive selection of TV channels and entertainment.
Thank you for the good cooperation!

Hotel Kvarntorgets lobby with sofas, TV and plants. Hotel Kvarntorgets lobby med soffor, TV och växter.

We would like to express our great appreciation to Hotell Kvarntorget for choosing us at EzyStream as your channel distributor. It is an honour for us to have you as a partner! Through our TV over internet service, we can guarantee that you now have access to the best range of TV channels and entertainment.

A luxurious pool at St Jörgen park resort. En lyxig pool på St Jörgen park resort.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with St Jörgen park resort. As a leading provider of TV channels, our experienced team will do their utmost to provide you with top quality TV programmes and entertainment.

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Frequently asked questions and answers

What TV licence is needed to show TV on the company premises?

You need to have a TV licence that gives you the right to show TV in public. Sometimes it is referred to as a viewing agreement, viewing rights, licence agreement but it aims at the same thing, to give you the right to show TV in public.

Why do we need a TV licence to show TV in public places?

Without a licence agreement, it is not allowed to show TV in public/institutional settings such as hotels, offices, restaurants, bars, gyms, schools, hospitals and military facilities. The licence gives you the right to show TV in public. However, showing without a licence is an infringement of copyright law and can lead to a penalty.

Where can I get information on what I can and cannot show in public?

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us at EzyStream.

What do I need to consider when I want to show sports or music events in my organisation?

Most events require a corporate subscription to gain the right to show it publicly. Something we can of course help with.
If you have any requests or questions about organising a special event, please contact us for more information.

Do I also need a subscription with the channel distributor, such as Discovery?

The short answer is no, you do not need a separate contract with the distributor. The distributor does charge a fee for providing the TV channels, but this is covered by the contract you have with us. We have one-stop solutions for everything you might need.