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Presenting: Binero IT – Powerhouse of Technology

A new era in IT services has arrived. Three leading technology solution companies – Binero, Infrateq, and Xpeedio – have merged to form Binero IT, a Powerhouse of Technology. This merger brings an unprecedented range of IT services and products to customers who demand to be at the forefront of technology.

We unleash innovation and realize the IT potential of our clients. Under the Binero IT brand, our Powerhouse of Technology delivers comprehensive and robust technical IT solutions beyond what each company previously offered individually. As a result, something that has long been market-leading is now even better.

Why a Powerhouse of Technology?

Why merge three leading companies into a "Technological Powerhouse"? While separately strong, we realized that the three entities together could offer an unmatched product and service portfolio in the Swedish IT market. Binero IT is now a Powerhouse of Technology, ensuring that businesses in both the public and private sectors have access to a wide range of technical options in their quest for innovation and efficiency. Our services provide scalability, operational reliability, and cutting-edge technology – features that save valuable time and free up resources.

What Binero IT offers:

Binero IT gives you freedom

Our mission is clear: to provide you, our customer, with the freedom you deserve. We handle all your technical needs, allowing you to focus entirely on your core business. When you choose Binero IT as your innovation partner, you can confidently leave your IT needs in our capable hands.

How do you ensure your business is ready for the challenges of the future? We future-proof your IT infrastructure by continuously providing the latest technology and standards. Combining technical expertise with dedicated and proven project management ensures that every project is delivered on time, within budget, and according to quality standards. Whether it’s TV, WiFi networks, cloud services, or any other connected technical solution – we have the expertise.

Seamless media distribution with EzyStream

Infrateq has extensive experience delivering customized TV solutions for offices, bars, restaurants, hotels, and the public sector. As part of Binero IT’s service offerings, we provide the market's best TV solutions, channel packages, and viewing rights. Our team supports you from start to finish, from planning to installation.

Discover EzyStream – TV over the internet – offering extremely flexible media distribution to all your screens, without relying on bulky hardware like central units or satellite dishes. All our solutions are tailored to your business with a range of offerings for your specific needs and requirements. In addition to TV over  internet, we offer our streaming box EzyTV and our user-friendly TV app. We promise, streaming has never been easier!

Achieve your business objectives with strategic IT consulting

Our consulting services bring a new level of expertise. We provide the strategies, solutions, and advice you need to reach your business goals. From developing and implementing technological solutions to integrating tech with business strategies, we have got you covered. We also keep you updated on the latest IT trends and how they should be incorporated into your business. Our expertise spans IT security, modern application development, software development, and guiding businesses through digital transformations.

Binero IT’s Powerhouse of Technology: Leading, Securing, and Innovating

Support 24/7 – 365 days a year

What happens after implementing an IT solution? What if a problem arises in daily operations? Don’t worry, we are experienced specialists in our support team. Our Powerhouse of Technology includes a centralized support and monitoring center that serves as your contact point. For your peace of mind, our staff is available for support around the clock, every day of the year. Nothing is left to chance.

Want to know more?

Do you need a partner in innovation to help unlock your IT potential? Contact us to learn more about how our Powerhouse of Technology can assist!

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