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S3 storage in Sweden

Swedish S3 storage: four reasons why you should use it

S3 storage - a modern solution

Data storage is an important part of any business, regardless of size or industry. Traditionally, hierarchical file systems and relational databases have been used to store data, but these technologies have limitations when it comes to scalability, flexibility, complexity, and performance. Instead, there is a more modern solution – Swedish S3 storage.


What is S3 storage?

S3 storage is an innovative technology that has transformed the way businesses manage data storage. Instead of connecting to a specific server or volume, S3 storage makes it possible to store and retrieve data directly over the Internet through an API. This type of storage is particularly suitable for handling large amounts of objects such as documents, photos, videos and installation files in the cloud in a scalable and efficient way.


Why should you use S3 storage?

Here are four reasons why S3 storage is a good idea for businesses:

  1. You store your data in buckets
  2. You only pay for the storage space you use
  3. You can prevent data loss
  4. It is sustainable and compliant – when you choose a Swedish supplier

Why choose a Swedish supplier that supports the S3 protocol?

When companies store data in the cloud, it usually happens on an external service provider's servers, which can be located both inside and outside the EU.

In such a situation, complying with GDPR requirements can become complicated, as there may be different jurisdictions and laws to take into account. GDPR contains strict requirements for personal data protection, including encryption and access control, and it is important that the provider complies with these requirements. A cloud provider with a data center and legal entity in Sweden is a prerequisite to ensure GDPR compliance.

For Swedish companies and organizations, it is therefore incredibly important to store their data with a local, Swedish cloud provider - such as Binero.

Our cloud services in Sweden are mainly offered from our own state-of-the-art data center in Stockholm. We complement this with secondary locations at reputable partners around the region. All data that is stored with us is handled only in Sweden and is covered by Swedish legislation and GDPR.


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