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Binero's customers benefit from well-proven, EU-compliant and modern cloud solutions, which are easy to both scale and further develop. Our modern infrastructure service is based on the market-leading Openstack platfrom.

Svensk GDPR compliant molntjänst
  • environmentally friendly - all excess is reused
  • flexible - adapt to your needs
  • GDPR complaint - data is protected by Swedish law and GDPR

functions & versions - wide selection of functionality for a complete cloud platform

Below we list the functionality we offer in our platform. By combining these functions, you get a complete solution for all your infrastructure.


always up to date for your safety

Our Swedish public cloud is based on OpenStack, where we deliver a portfolio of functionality. These are standardized and community-supported, and it is therefore perfectly possible to use the same integration and usage, with different OpenStack clouds.

Below are all Openstack projects and features, as well as versions, supported in different regions and availability zones in Binero's public cloud.

Region Version Availability zones
europe-se-1 Zed europe-se-1a, europe-se-1b
Project Organisation Type Description
Nova Openstack Compute Project to provide virtual servers
Neutron Openstack Network The project for networking in Openstack
Octavia Openstack Network Load balancer as a service
Designate Openstack Network DNS as a service
VPN Binero Network VPN as a service based on pfSense
Cinder Openstack Storage Block storage based on Ceph with HDD and SSD
Swift Openstack Storage Object storage with support for S3
Heat Openstack Orchestration Tools for orchestrating and automating services
Mistral Openstack Orchestration Workflow automation tools
Magnum Openstack Workload provisioning Project for handling containers
Keystone Openstack Shared service Core functionality in Openstack for managing identities
Glance Openstack Shared service Management of images
Barbican Openstack Shared service Management of collateral such as e.g. password and certificate
Celiometer & Gnocchi Openstack Monitoring & metrics Collection of measurement data
Horizon Openstack Interface Control panel for Openstack
Openstack API Openstack Interface API endpoint
Binero Cloud Portal Binero Interface Alternative control panel for Openstack

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