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Tech enablement session - Grafana Loki

Binero received a special visit from its partner, Grafana Labs, at the Binero office in Stockholm.

We learned more about the entire Grafana observability stack and dug deeper into Grafana's logging solution, Loki. Grafana also led a hands-on exercise where participants troubleshooted an application using metrics, logs, and traces.

It was very exciting to get the opportunity to meet our partners and exchange knowledge.

Binero offers monitoring and consulting services in the field of Observability, where Grafana Labs' products play a vital role in our tech stack.

Read our success story that Grafana has written about Binero (formerly Opsdis) - https://grafana.com/success/how-opsdis-is-building-custom-monitoring-solutions-on-grafana-cloud/

it tekniker fördjupar sin kunskap inom observability grafana
grafana tech kunskapsutbyte observability
tech session loki grafana it tekniker lär sig teknik

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