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we work with environment, quality, and safety in accordance with international standards.

In order to meet our customers' expectations and requirements, and at the same time live up to our own goals and future plans, we are certified according to ISO 27001, ISO 14001, and ISO 9001, as well as the global climate certification Fossil Free Data.

Quality management

We work systematically with improvements to ensure the quality of our services and we also regularly measure customer satisfaction. We are therefore certified according to ISO 9001, which is an international standard for quality management systems. The certification means that our management system, which includes our processes and working methods, are approved according to the ISO standard. The management system undergoes continuous improvements and is followed up through regular audits, both internal and external, to ensure the quality of our services.

The certification is a guarantee that we, both internally and externally, can shoq that we work continuously and systematically to improve our quality. Concretely, this means, among other things, that the employees are involved in the ongoing quality work and that we have as structured and efficient an organization as possible. The quality work also includes a strong customer focus and clear leadership.

Information security

For Binero, information security is something that permeates our entire organization and our commitments to customers and partners. We believe that today it is not possible to talk about IT solutions without a security aspect. We are therefore certified according to ISO 27001, which is a demanding standard for information security that includes all processes and aspects of the business, including organizational governance.

The certification aims to ensure that an organization protects its information in the best way, and continuously and actively works with further improvements. In short, the certification is a confirmation that our organization maintains the standard for information security that we strive for and that we have an assured high level of competence in the field of IT security for all employees. Audits of security and routines are carried out by certified and independent IT security auditors.

The certification makes it easier for Binero to continue working with even more dedicated resources to prevent risks and threats that we and our customers face.

Environmental responsibility

At Binero, we are convinced that a focus on the environment and sustainability will become increasingly important for IT and technology companies in the future. With increased demands from customers, authorities, financiers, and other actors in society, continuous and long-term environmental work is crucial. By certifying our environmental management work in accordance with ISO 14001, we ensure that we take as much responsibility for the environment as possible - towards both customers, employees, owners, and other stakeholders and the environment.

The environmental certification helps us develop safe and efficient routines and processes in the environmental area, and we get a systematic way of working with our organization's impact on the environment and finding cost-effective alternatives. The standard provides support in the work of identifying and reducing our impact on the environment and developing new ways of working to, for example, reduce the use of energy and raw materials or the amount of waste and other emissions.

ISO 14001 contains a set of requirements that must be met. In order to demonstrate that a company's management system meets this requirement standard, an environmental manual is created that contains descriptions, processes, routines and other documentation that is necessary in environmental work.

Fossil free data center

We have worked for a long time to reduce the climate footprint of data storage and data use, and our own data center is certified with the global environmental label Fossil Free Data. This means that we meet strict requirements to be energy efficient, have low carbon dioxide emissions and use 100 percent renewable electricity.

A financially reliable partner

Binero Group AB has an AAA rating, which is the highest credit rating that a Nordic limited company can receive. The rating is only given to companies that have shown stability over time and have the ability to withstand both high and low economic conditions. Among other things, the company is required to have a turnover of more than two million, has been in operation for more than ten years, and have key figures that are significantly higher than the industry average.
The credit rating is, simply put, a kind of quality stamp that signals that a company is a secure business partner for both customers and suppliers.

certifications of binero show excellence and great quality of work

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