Object Storage - lagra stora mängder objekt i molnet

Denna tjänst ger dig möjlighet att lagra stora mängder objekt, till exempel dokument, foton, video, installationsfiler, i molnet på ett skalbart och effektivt sätt.

Object Storage

What is object storage?

Object storage gives you the ability to store massive amounts of data, for example documents, photos, video, installation files, in the cloud, in a scalable and efficient manner. You can use that in the way you want, but some of the use-cases include backup of files, data lake, hosting media for an application, or archiving of files.


Different classes of service for different use

Depending on what you want to use it for, there are different classes of service you can choose from. We offer four different classes of services to cater for the most different needs. From data that you just want to put in a cold storage and forget, to data that you will read a billion times a day – all your needs are covered!

Object storagehp.intensivegp.recurringgp.intermittentgp.archive
Data typePrimaryPrimaryPrimary/SecondarySecondary/Backups
Data set sizeSmall to mediumSmall to hugeMedium to hugeLarge to huge
Data accessedConstantlyConstantlyIntermittentlySeldom
OptimizedFast access and low latencyRecurring accessIntermittent accessLong time storage
Storage mediumSSD/FlashHDD/MechanicalHDD/MechanicalHDD/Mechanical
Data reliability99.999%99.999%99.999%99.9%


Different services for different budgets

We have various different classes of the service with high performance flash-discs and very low latency, while others rely on mechanical discs with very low costs per stored byte. We also offer compression to reduce the amount of data you need to store, and of course utilise erasure codes to protect data from failures. So depending on your budget and requirements, you can pick the service that suits your needs the best.

All you need is a bucket… or a container

Object storage is perfect for unstructured data – a bunch of data that you just need to store and later retrieve. You will store your data in a container (OpenStack) or a bucket (AWS S3).

You can decide who has access to the data you store at any time, making content public or private when you need it.



Two different APIs

We love open source and we love OpenStack! In the backend of our service everything is implemented using OpenStack, and you can access the object storage service through the native Swift API. In that way, you have full compatibility if you are already using OpenStack and the Swift API.

On top of our service, we offer an AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service) API as well. So if you have written code that works with AWS S3, it will work on Binero Cloud just as fine! Just reuse the code you have and you’re up and running

Get started!

Just create your account on Binero.Cloud and start using the object storage service! Simple and easy.