24 maj 2011

Getupdated makes New Wave Modes’s rankings on Google higher

Getupdated, one of the leading companies within the Internet Marketing ( industry has recently started working with New Wave Mode. After just a few months we can see results as The New Wave Mode has climbed up the rankings in the major search engine on some important keywords by 80%.

15 april 2011

Getupdated secures another contract in a tough competition

Getupdated has been selected to drive forward the digital marketing activity of Sweden's family-owned timber company Group Derome ( As a company which has already seen great success in the Swedish Market, they now plan to increase their online presence with the expertise from the team at Getupdated.

13 april 2011

Daniel Norin lectures at Bergh’s School of Communication

Today's topic is "Converting SEO makes you a winner" Congratulations! Your website has achieved top ranking results in the search engines but are you the real winner? Google is the largest online channel to attract visitors, with approximately 25 million searches per day, solely on the Swedish market. So what is really happening when we search on Google and how do we place ourselves in order to increase the conversion and get the right visitors?

8 april 2011

More people are choosing to customize their website for the mobile

Getupdated has been getting more and more requests from companies wanting to adapt their site for mobile. Getupdated has therefore chosen to focus on developing mobile websites in the Content Management System, SEOCMS. The first mobile-adapted site is now being launched in Sweden for the bakery company Free Bread (

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